May. 25th, 2012

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Yesterday was probably one of the happiest days of my life. I got to live my childhood dream of Disney land. A dream that started with an Aladdin sticker book. There was this competition where you could win a trip to Disney land for your family if you collected all of the stickers and entered your book into a lottery. I was so sad when my masterful sticker-collecting plan failed. But it doesn't matter now. I went to Disney land and it was magical and amazing. ♥

The Disney experience begins as you walk from the train station to the park gates. The classic Disney music which can be heard, and the resort hotel, which looks like a beautiful palace, set the mood. But it's when you walk through the gates and see the quintessential Disney castle in the distance that you really know. Know that you're really in Disney land! ... I may have become slightly teary eyed.

The day was enjoyably spent. I went on some rides with Snaevar and his family, watched the parades, and ate too much ice cream. My favourite rides were Pirates of the Caribbean - which now includes cameos from some of the characters (Jack Sparrow!) from the movie - and the Space Mountain rollercoaster. Honorable mention goes to Captain EO for being hilariously 80s-tastic. Oh, Michael Jackson. ♥

The parades with all the characters and the shiny floats were so pretty. There were three parades, first the Jubilee parade, then the themed Easter parade, and lastly the electric lit up parade that they did after it got dark. I got some serious costume envy. What I wouldn't give for those princess dresses...

I was a bit sad that it was apparently too windy for the traditional firework display at the end of the day, but I've decided that it simply gives me an excuse to go again sometime!

The day before Disney land was quite busy as well. I went with Snaevar and his family into Tokyo to see the Harajuku and Shibuya districts, and we went to the top of Tokyo tower!

Harajuku wasn't all that busy, but I took some pictures and looked at some very interesting window displays. I didn't buy much, just a box of chocolate mochi. Mochi is a Japanese dessert. It's made out of rice, but it more like a marshmallow than anything else. A slightly less sweet marshmallow that can have different types of flavour. Really delicious!

Shibuya was bustling with people. I really liked watching when people crossed the street. Like an ocean of Japanese people! It was such a nice day to go for a walk, too. Sunny and warm, but with a breeze to keep you from melting.

Tokyo tower was a lot of fun. I loved seeing Tokyo city spread out in all directions. So many buildings! From the top of the tower I could see all the way to Mt. Fuji! But conditions weren't ideal, so it was a bit blurry. I also saw into a traditional old cemetery. Full of statues and things.

I took a lot of trains that day. The stations are always supplied with vending machines. I decided to try my vending machine skills and got a can of coke. But it wasn't really a can because it had a screw cap like a bottle. I'm calling it a canottle. Can-bottle. Very convenient for train travel!

Lastly, I want to tell you that shabu shabu is an awesome way to eat. I tried it on Tuesday. You basically go to a shabu shabu place and they give you raw meat and a boiling tasty broth of your choice. It is kept boiling because there is a hotplate on your table. You cook your strips of meat by dipping them in the boiling broth and swishing it around (shabu shabu is the noise that the swishing makes). It is so delicious and excellent fun!

Tonight I'm going to take my first overnight bus to Kyoto. I'll try to post something here or on Facebook when I arrive.

Hope you are all healthy and happy!


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