May. 27th, 2012


May. 27th, 2012 10:22 pm
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What can I say about Kyoto? It's amazing! It's also full of junior high school students who want my help with their English assignments. It's so adorable. One of them shily approaches you and askes if they can speak to you. They confirm that you sdo indeed speak English, and proceed to ask where you are from (Iceland usually gets a big Ooooh response) and what you think of Japan. Sometimes they ask you to write a message in their cute work books. One girl basically asked for an autograph made out to herby name!

So yeah. If you ever want tofeel famous, just visit China and Japan! (Unless you look Asian, I guess...)

Yesterday and today have both been extremely eventful. Since I'm typing this using the touchpad of the android tablet that Snaevar lent me, I'm going to talk about the most memorable things and try not to bore you with too many details.

I arrived in Kyoto very early yesterday morning. Luckily I was able to check into my Japanese style hotel - where you sleep on a futon on the floor - right away. Instead of getting some much needed sleep after a night of trying to doze off in a bus seat I went exploring!

My first stop was Sanjusangendo. It is a temple that houses a 1001 statues of Kannon - a Bhuddist deity - and the sight of them is incredibly overwhelming. It's really hard to describe. The temple itself is a very long wooden building with floors that creak pleasantly as you pad along the endless corridor of statues - your feet clad only in socks as shoes are left outside as a sign of respect. The statues appear golden, but they are made of wood. Each one unique, but appearing to look the same as the others. In the middle there sits a giant statue of Kannon, looking very regal and powerful.

I saw a lot of other temples that day but Sanjusangendo was the most memorable. It was lovely to walk between the temples, enjoy the weather, watch the people and explore the narrow streets. I was particularly happy to witness the start of a wedding and see a bride in a beautiful white kimono. I do love weddings.

Another memorable thing I did yesterday was walk around the Emperor's Palace. Or more like the walls surrounding it. It took forever! That thing is enormous!

Today I went to some of the most famous places in Kyoto. The Ryoanji rock garden, the Golden Pavilion and the Silver pavilion. The rock garden was literally very zen and it appealed to me immensely. I would love there to be more gardens that do not give me hayfever! The Golden Pavilion was breathtakingly beautiful. It was glinting in the morning sun, shining like a beacon! However, the garden around the Silver Pavilion was much more beautiful.

Also, because I am such a philosopher, and my feet hadn't been walking enough, I wandered down the Philosopher's path. It wasvery beautiful and quiet. Just a worn old stone path, some trees, a stream and me.

I hope you're all doing well.

I keep you with me in spirit!


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