Sep. 12th, 2012

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Since I left Berlin I have visited Jói in Copenhagen, Alda in Stockholm, had lunch with my former coworkers Siggeir and Tóta in Gothenburg, and crashed at Vera's place in Århus!

Copenhagen was a lot of fun. Jói and his girlfriend Sarah took really good care of me. We spent our first evening having a lovely dinner, drinking red wine and catching up. The next day Jói showed me the botanical gardens (which have a greenhouse full of tropical jungle!) and some very serious guards outside the place where the crown jewels are kept. If you got too close to the guards they would very seriously stomp the butt of their guns to the ground and give you A Look. Scary!

I went on a boat ride around Copenhagen, saw the new opera house and the new theatre building, a lot of weird looking church spires, a lot of bridges that we needed to duck in order to sail underneath without incident, and some renovated boat houses that are now used as offices!

The evening was spent eating way too much candyfloss at Tivoli, after a lovely Japanese dinner which threatened to burn my mouth away. (I had the firecracker shrimp...) I got to ride the second oldest rollercoaster in the world! I was so happy that Jói and Sarah were willing to accompany me. ♥


The next day I woke up early and caught a train to Stockholm. Alda met me at the station and took me to the nice apartment that she and Al are living in. Al cooked amazing food, we watched 'Allo 'Allo and drank white wine. It was awesome. We also watched Adventure Time and Buffy! It was nice to just hang out and watch TV. Sometimes that's exactly what you need.

I spent the next day in Stockholm's old town with Alda. We did some exploring, some sitting by the ocean, and some fake CPR on statues of rabbits. We also visited some kind of royal park. I think it's called Hagaparken. There was a pretty cool royal summer house or something there. It was beautiful.

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We met up with our friend Gutti for Kebab pizza in the evening (Kebab pizza is amazing. Swedes are geniuses in disguise.) It was really nice to see him and just hang out and talk.

Yesterday I got on another early train. It took me to Gothenburg where I had sushi and white wine with Siggeir and Tóta - and got to hear all the news I've been missing. Apparently I just missed Maren (another coworker) when I was in Berlin! Such a shame.

After I lunch I managed to book all the trains I need to get myself to London. Such a relief! Then I got on the train that took me to Århus. Vera met me at the station, gave me candy and was generally delightful. We're going to go explore Århus now!

Hope you guys are all healthy and happy. Miss you!


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