Aug. 25th, 2012 10:09 am
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Right now I'm on a ferry that is on its way from Patras in Greece to Ancona in Italy.

Yep, I went to Greece!

After my last day in Rome - which I spent looking at churches, art, the Spanish Steps, the monument dedicated to the unknown soldier, and many other neat things - I spent two days and a night getting myself to Athens.

Sleeping on ferries when you have a deck ticket is interesting. On the ferry from Bari (Italy) to Patras I barely slept at all because there were so many people snoring! I got some sleep after the snore-a-sauruses woke up, though. This was a good thing because when I arrived in Athens I went straight to my hostel (Athens Backpackers) where I met awesome people who decided we should party all night. It would have been hard to have two nights of no sleep!

I had one full day in Greece. I went on a walking tour which was arranged by my hostel, and then I toured the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. I was able to see a lot of beautiful buildings and ruins, statues and carvings. I really liked the museum - it was air conditioned! (It was 42 degrees Celsius while I was in Athens.)

I was a bit sad to find out that the British Museum is refusing to return the statues and things that were stolen from the Parthenon.

Anyway, I'm on my way to Italy again. I'm hoping to be in Venice by this evening. I've been offered a place to stay by a couch surfer. He seems really nice - an Immunologist like me!

I've had an explosion of couch surfing invitations. I think I have got a place to stay in every place that I want to go to now!
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