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It has been decided! Þorri and I are returning to Narrabri next Friday. It will be an interesting cross-country journey involving a bus and two trains. We'll have to leave Byron Bay on Thursday because one of the trains is an overnight train! It will be lovely to see my grandmother and Lindsay again. (As well as my grandmother's wonderful collection of books!)

As I mentioned in my very brief previous post, the stay in Byron Bay has been a dream come true so far. We could have been luckier with the weather, but I'm definitely not complaining. We've has some amazing sunny days.

However, I haven't told you guys a thing about Sydney! This post will be novel length if I try to go into all the details, so I'm just going to post a few pictures along with a few comments.

Þorri and I went to the buffet in the Sydney Tower Eye. There was so much food! We tried emu and crocodile sausage, kangaroo meat and loads of other fun things! And the view was amazing. (It's one of those revolving deals, so you get a 360° view of the city.) The dessert buffet just about did us in.

We had cocktails at the Opera Bar, enjoying the view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House with Erin.

Erin also took us on the From Bondi to Bronte beach walk, and we stopped to admire many modern art pieces along the way. (The next day we also went to an Asian modern art show at a gallery called White Rabbit. Lots of art!)

I thought this one was quite clever!

Since Þorri thinks being in a foreign city is all about looking at old churches (he's mainly visited England in the past) we also checked out the catholic cathedral in Sydney. I liked the fountain outside the cathedral more than I liked the church.

So basically we hit all the Sydney highlights, ate great food, drank awesome cocktails, looked at loads of art and even checked out the scene at the beach. (Funny story, as we were about to leave a burger joint we went to at the beach I ran into an Australian girl I met on my LA to Las Vegas tour! Talk about the world being small. I was stunned!)

Last Monday Þorri and I flew to Byron Bay. We've been spending time with Lindsay's daughter's family as we are crashing at their place. But like I said in my last post, we've also been able to take a trip to Currumbin Sanctuary (Australian animal "zoo"), walk to the most Easterly part of Australia, and hang around the beach for a bit.

P1000880 P1020013
P1020024 P1000949

There we are feeding kangaroos and lorikeets! We also got to cuddle koalas, but those photos need to be scanned before I can show them to you. Þorri's picture is hilarious, he looks like a proud father!


These are the pictures from our walk to the most Easterly point and up to the lighthouse which is nearby. As you can see, the view was unbelievable!

Here we are on the beach. We both did a lot of reading, but I also attempted to "strut my stuff" and we both went into the ocean for a bit of a swim. The water was surprisingly warm. My last encounter with the Pacific (in San Diego) was much colder. I didn't burn at all, but Þorri made the same mistake that I made in San Diego and didn't put enough sunscreen on the top of his feet. They proceeded to turn the colour of an angry tomato. Poor dear.

Tomorrow we're going to have a day of pampering at a spa and then we're going to the Lounge Cinema to see Looper. I'm really excited! I haven't had a full body massage since I was here in 2006! The Lounge Cinema is a treat as well. You sort of lie around instead of sitting! It's so comfy.

P.S. I totally recommend The Iron Lady. Fantastic film! Meryl Streep is a genius.
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