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Firstly - Happy birthday Þorri! I'm so glad you've finally joined me in being 25 years old. It's weird when you're younger than me. ♥

It's good to be home. My gym! My clothes! My shoes! If I could give inanimate objects hugs I would be hugging these things. At the same time I find myself staring out the bus window, wondering if the last 7 months actually happened. I think it will take me a while to get used to the mundane.

Until I do get used to it, I have plenty to do! There's so much stuff. I don't know how people have time for jobs. I'm busy all day just dealing with stuff and going to the gym.


Hopefully I will get a job soon, though. I'm not sure all this productivity will last if I'm unemployed for months.

Anyway, I wanted to write one last public post and sum up my ~feelings about my trip around the world. The feelings are kind of mixed. I'm ecstatic that the trip happened, but I'm sad about how out of shape I have become because of the trip. (I went to the gym to lift weights yesterday... All of my muscles are useless today. It hurts to think about moving.) I know you may think this is a silly thing to be pouting about, but it seriously feels like my favourite toy has been taken away. Happily, this problem is easy to fix. It will just take a few months to get back to where I was.

Okay, top five lists! (In no particular order.)

5 Favourite Places
1. Japan. ALL OF IT. I'm so jealous of Elín for having been able to live there.
2. The Amazon. Going there was such a dream come true.
3. CERN. Geekgasm!
4. New York. You could never get bored in New York. So many interesting things to see and do!
5. The Great Wall of China. It was surreal and beautiful. The history was pretty much radiating off every rock.


5 Best Experiences
1. Skydiving. I wish I could spend more time falling out of planes.
2. Seeing Machu Picchu. After soldiering through the Inca Trail, seeing Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate at ass o'clock in the morning was kind of an "it was all worth it to experience this" moment.
3. Sunset at the Grand Canyon. Maybe be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
4. Going with Halla to Shanghai. We had a gay old time. Celebrating my birthday on the 87th floor of a skyscraper with a chocolate cocktail was pretty much awesome.
5. DISNEYLAND. Best day ever. So glad that Snævar and his family came along. ♥


5 Things I'm not doing again
1. Forgetting to take a book with me onto a train. I was nearly bored to death sometimes. (Unless the view was good.)
2. Staying away from the gym for more than a month. (If I can help it.)
3. Taking a ferry from Italy to Greece. (Maybe if I got a cabin and didn't have to sleep on the deck.)
4. Drinking Chinese booze. (Unless it tastes better than the stuff I've tried.)
5. The Inca Trail. Holy shit was that hard.


I think I learned a lot on the road. Mostly to trust myself - I am totally capable of organising and taking care of myself. I can find my way around an unfamiliar place and I can even figure out the public transport and how to get food. It's a great and empowering thing to learn.

I also learned that people are pretty much awesome and are usually willing to help you out if you run into trouble trying to accomplish the things I just mentioned. A big smile will help you get help.

People are the same wherever you go. There are superficial differences, but when it comes right down to it, we're all just trying to make a living and have some fun in the process.

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